Capricorn tarot 2020 year

Will 2020 be a good year for Capricorn?

Structures you held on to that you thought served you personally, professionally, and in terms of your security have either already been ripped away from you or will come crashing down in early , as Saturn and Pluto make their infamous conjunction in your sign on January For some, this might be about a major ending in a relationship. For others, it could be that you and your mate have taken a ride-or-die approach to whatever circumstances you've endured over the last year and are now ready to rise from the ashes together, with the love you share stronger than ever before. If you start out feeling weary and worn Capricorn, know that it is all very much part of a greater plan to help you shed the skin of what no longer serves you along your life path.

Your personal life and your love life WILL experience a profound renewal and rebirth.

Story from Horoscopes. British writer Ruby Warrington and astrologer and tarot reader Bess Matassa have teamed up to create a card tarot-style deck for anybody wishing to learn the language of astrology. Here, Ruby tells us why she believes January is going to bring big change. In a world that often feels increasingly out of control, the sense that the universe just GETS YOU and that everything is happening for a reason even when the news is "bad" can be so reassuring.

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Pluto has been hanging out in Capricorn since , already transforming the ways we do work and politics, and helping us all rework our definitions of success, status and achievement. Pluto is also known as the lord of the underworld, and often forces change by exposing any shadowy aspects that have been operating behind the scenes.

In politics, this transit has been the backdrop to both the Trump presidency and Brexit, as well as the rise of nationalist parties and organised hate-groups globally. When it comes to corporate life, our outdated and exploitative capitalist model is being brought into question.

You can help yourself with this by talking and learning from people who are already in business.

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Getting what support you can from them. You are a business person. Your creativity is in management, make sure you get these skills.

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Because of this strong ambition you do not want to be seen as weak or wrong and reticently do tasks, take risks or experiment. So you are a serious, cautious and hardworking individual.

Capricorn and Cancer Karma 12222-2020 – Part One

Learn to lighten up if you can because you often become bogged down in habit or routine. You are great at self-discipline which if other factors concur should guarantee success. Mature for your age you take your duties seriously and are responsible. You can make people feel guilty. As you are tough on yourself you are often reproachful of them.


If they do not do what you want you can become cold and withdrawn in an attempt to control them. You always wants to do better and frown on any slacking. Direct yourself towards activities where you can become leader and a captain of industry etc.