March 29 equinox astrology

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March the Sun is conjunct Venus in Aries, opening up the possibility of a romantic relationship starting off quickly and passionately. March Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries which increase creativity and intuition. Usually with this aspect brilliant ideas are birthed and inventions come about which take humanity into the future.

March Mars in Taurus, is in a fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces and opens you up to becoming more and more generous and compassionate. March 27 New Moon in Aries p.

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac it is always about new beginnings which begin with great enthusiasm, courage and optimism. March Mercury in Aries is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting patience and perfect concentration. March 31 Mercury will enter Taurus and remain in this earthy sign until June 29, meanwhile Mercury will be retrograde April 20 —May While Mercury is in Taurus your mind is more deliberate and concerned with being productive, thrifty and thoughtful of the environment. You may want to get your seedlings ready, and talk to them, while preparing them, or sing to them?

Ananur Forma is a well known local Astrologer who writes a weekly column in the Free Press. In this blog Ananur wants to express her thoughts using astrology in a way that will help you understand it better.

She also is interested in asking questions to learn how folks are dealing with certain planetary aspects that may be troublesome or not. She will offer support, and show an interest in your life, astrologically. Visit: Waldo County. March Astrology calculated for the east coast. The Autumn, or Fall Equinox is the time when the Sun reaches the opposite balancing point in its path through the tropical zodiac.

The word equinox means "equal night": the duration of the day being equal to that of the night, an event which occurs but twice a year, the one marking the astrological beginning of spring and the other the ending of summer.

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It is the time of ripening and harvest, marked astrologically as the Sun enters the first degree of Libra , the Scales, hence Saturn , the "grim reaper", is exalted in Libra. Libra is not just the season of "Fall", but as night begins to outstrip the day, is also the "Fall" of the Sun — being the opposite sign to Aries, the sign of the Sun's exaltation. The Official Equinox is on the 21st, but this year, the ingress into Libra occurs on September 23 at UT, marked in the Christian Calendar by Michaelmas , the Feast of St Michael the Archangel, on September 29 but remember that the Equinox is a day and a night; a phase not a moment.

The equinox is also a day of sacrifice. This is the day of the year when the ancient god of light is defeated by his twin and alter ego, the god of darkness. It is the time of the year when night conquers day. This sacrifice is illustrated in the lyric:. The sacrifice of John Barleycorn , however, is a symbolic one: it is the spirit of the vegetation that is 'sacrificed' to harvest the food that will sustain the people through the winter months and into the next growing season.

Ancient agricultural societies celebrated the harvest with festivals of one kind or another, usually marking them with sacrifices to ward off the evil spirits and spirits of the dying year. The burning of the Corn Dolly is associated with the death of the corn god, and the crossing of the the border between long days of light and long nights of darkness. NOTE: in southern latitudes, of course, the equinoxes are reversed, so that the spring character of Easter in the Northern Hemisphere becomes an autumn celebration in Australia, South Africa, South America, New Zealand and other places south of the equator.

This presents something of a problem for Christianity and for Astrology, or any other seasonal philosophy with claims to universality, a question which is partially addressed on this site in Ian Thurnwald's article on the Elemental Qualities , the building blocks of astrology. However, the tropical zodiac seems to delineate cultural forms archetypes within the Cosmic Mind.

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This makes it hard for them to be light and carefree and communicate freely and openly about their feelings. With a need to hide their dark side and put an emphasis on the bright one, they could shield themselves from intimacy itself and forget to open their heart for the right person standing in front of them. Once they connect deepest emotions with healthy sexual expression that doesn't restrict them in any way, they will know that they are finally on the right track.

Everyone born on March 20th excels in different types of analysis, psychology, and theory that explains things that are out of the ordinary and deep in our unconscious world. They often become scientists and their search for answers rarely ends on a simple level of curiosity or education. They need depth and significance in anything they approach and think about, and their feelings are their best guiding light towards success and personal expression.

To forgive themselves and people who bruised them, those born on March 20th should have rhodonite in their crystal collection.

Equinox Full Moon in Libra Astrology Horoscope All Signs: March 20 2019

It will trigger incredibly deep compassion, understanding, and set them free from fear of emotional connecting. This crystal is the one to cleanse blockages in the heart chakra and their emotional world, and gives incredible support during recovery from traumatic experiences. It will also remind them of hidden and forgotten talents they haven't been aware of and help them find a way to use them.

To truly touch the heart of anyone born on this date, you have to dig deep in their emotional world and see what they crave for. This is one of the most difficult dates when it comes to the choice of the perfect present, for they tend to keep their emotions distant from themselves, let alone everyone else. The best choice is to do something to remind them of their childhood, especially if you share something from the past that can be put in a treasure box and on their night table. Choose a photo album, an amateur movie of friends speaking about everything they love about them or something that will connect the impersonal image with emotion they carry within.

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Deeply emotional, compassionate and ready to sacrifice their heart for people they love. They are devoted, passionate, and truly dedicated to any person that touches their heart. Jealous and possessive, they often form symbiotic relationships that leave little room for movements without control or doors to set free.