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You feel exactly the same how my sister used to be. The problem was that she never wanted to negotiate on what charges or blames she put on others.. It's a long story I am cancer man. My sis is cancer too. The problem with cancer females is their enormous insecurity which comes from not understanding behaviours correctly or at least comprehensively. And that the criticism occurs to all people by the people.

I have figured out this truth by myself just by thinking and observing and with a pursuit to gain correct knowledge about matters and dilemas and so on. You'll find it so liberating;refreshing your soul and fulfilling to great extent. The article is called "The Dark Side of Cancerians," so of course it does not represent them all; but when a Cancerian is dark, they are as dark as the dark of the moon!

This is a fraction of Cancerians. We are lovely pleasant people who always look on the bright side. I do any way. I too, am a cancerian woman and life has been such a pain for me I get irritated for no reason at all I can't express myself clearly I feel nobody can understand me I keep regretting about each and everything in life This sign's positive traits include artistic talent, loyalty, determination, compassion and a willingness to work for the greater good of all.

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Read up on your sign. In astrology there is always a fund available of positive traits and changing conditions that can help you transform your life. I envy other star signs wishing I was more like them. I cannot tolerate myself therefore I don't expect others to like me. Still I wish this sign was not so negative, and people born in this month can find balance in life no matter how difficult this is. Even if one has to sacrifice happiness so be it, easier said than done.

I don't want to be all this things but I can't help it because they just seem to come natural to me.

When Cancer Turns Dark!!

Although I am dependable, loyal, and family orientated. I cannot stop the negative side of me, and especially envy, outburst of anger and so on. It is sooo bad even I am the one warning admirers away from. Now bearing in mind I don't want to be alone, I cannot change who I am, I can pretend but the real me will soon flare out.

What are we then supposed to do? I am a Cancer woman.

An I am a recovered alcoholic I haven't had a drink since July 9th, I went to an addiction when my relationships failed an I became a single mom. An I also love dark places. I am a case manager for a paranormal team. So I am out in the dark more then the day. An when I am home it is with my children. I don't date anymore. Because my family takes first priority. But I am a pretty lady.

That is ageing very well.

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Growing up was hard because my mom was really immature and childish and it was like being raised by a girl instead of a woman. She would act nice in front of certain neighbors but when we were alone with family she showed her colors and they weren't pretty! She didn't like sharing and still doesn't, the only time my mom shares is when she thinks she'll get something in return, never does she give with the kindness of her heart. As for loyalty, pshh, if I had to count how many times my pops almost filed for divorce from her, I'd be counting all day.

I dated this Cancer woman once and I realized that they really like being the center of attention and when they see someone else in the spotlight that deeply infuriates them even though they won't show it. To this very day when I find out a female is a Cancer I steal clear of her and head for the hills. Cancer women are selfish to the point of being narcissist, but you can't always spot a narcissist right? They camoflouge themselves well in front of outsiders only family see the nasty side. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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The women can be great beauties who age well, such as: Ashley You feel exactly the same how my sister used to be. I don't know in what house her moon is.. For most of cancerians,their later life is better than their childhood. There's nothing much satisfaction or security in serving yourself.

Please see a therapist or counselor. You might be suffering from depression. I am a cancer woman, and I know all of this things are true. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

OK, now for your creepiest trait because knowledge is power, and this might actually make for a pretty fun happy hour discussion. Multiple published articles cite that Aries is obsessed with death, and I wanted to know why. It turns out that aside from being one of the four zodiac signs related to birth, Aries is also one of the three death signs. Aries represents death through fire , according to the astrology site Souled Out.

So Aries, if you spend what feels like an inordinate amount of time thinking about your demise, the deaths of others, or the death of the planet, know that this is completely normal for you. The good news is that the underlying meaning of death by fire in Aries is ultimately a sign of purification. If you can't stop thinking about death, perhaps it's time to seek out some purifying practices like yoga and meditation. If you're a Taurus, you already know that you can be stubborn AF. However, an excerpt from the book Darkside Zodiac claims that a jilted Taurus can take this stubborn behavior too far.

Taurus has a hard time letting go, and this can lead a less-than-self-aware Taurus to turn to stalking to get what they want. Click here to buy. This is called stalking.

Two Real-Life, Negative Cancerians

Obviously, not all Taurus-born people are busy trailing around after old lovers by hiding behind doorways or lurking in alleys. But let's be honest, Taurus: How many times have you stalked an ex on social media? Oh Gemini, I know you don't mean to lie. Because of its duality, Gemini has the ability to reframe almost anything as their own version of the truth. Therefore, a Gemini does not always actually think they are lying.