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Everything - past, present, and future about you is written indelibly in the Akashic Field. Science even suggests that consciousness is vibrating fields of energies and information Akashic Records. Energy can be changed. And it must!

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As we step into our mastery. Your soul wants you to upgrade, rewrite all negative histories and unwanted traits, upgrade your vibrations and yes it can be done! The universe is your friend. How did a past life impact this one? Undo fears, phobias, emotional patterns, genetic patterns, and blockages.

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Allow the Akashic records to run forward to ensure you are happy with the outcome. Why do you want to look at your Akashic Records? In past lives, you may have talents and abilities that you want to connect with? Do you like Music, Art? Paul McCartney dreamed accesses his Akashic records the song Imagine. Pick stocks, find a new place to live that will suit you, love interests, work partners, understanding of your moods, to alter your job or get a new one. Look at the comprehensive.

They knew these records shaped our present lives. Sinnett wrote about the Akashic Records. Listen to a 2-hour free talk on this subject with Jill at You Wealth Revolution. There are numerous ways to communicate with passed loved ones and stay in touch every day, but you have to start with a strong mindset and a belief that it is possible.

Place a picture of your loved one right in front of you. Look into their eyes in the picture for a few moments. Close your eyes and meditate to clear your mind to make room for them. Send out a loving thought and invite them to join you. Ask a question in your mind and be patient. Try not to have any expectations.

You may feel your loved one draw close to you, or you might feel a breeze, a light kiss, or a gentle embrace. You may even notice a scent like a perfume or a flower. Each time you talk to them in your mind, the stronger your link will become. Always end by thanking your loved one for coming. What works for one person might not work for you.

This is just one technique you can use to connect with your loved ones without having mediumistic abilities. If you do want to go further with your psychic and mediumship abilities, these techniques are a good start to developing them. I invite you to share some of the techniques that have worked for you either on my Facebook page Live a Soul-filled life! Humans are a stubborn species: we often lean towards self-centeredness, which is not to be confused with selfishness.

Selfcentered means putting ourselves in the center of a situation, viewing it from our perspective, usually a narrow or one-dimensional one. How does it affect me?

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Why is this happening to. When it comes to our relationships with our animals, we extend this central theme and often become species-centric. I recently had a client who approached a distance reading this way. However, I needed more information and so responded to the owner this way: I want to redirect your question. Animal communication is a dialogue between the communicator and animal In that regard, I act as a medium and relate answers back and forth between the two of you.

It would help if you gave me a bit more info: when did this behavior start, who is the older dog, have they lived together a while before the attacking began?

How old are they? Reading works like a consultation with a therapist, Omtimes. Information sharing works two ways — from the client to the reader, and from the animal to the reader. Any deliberately veiled information results in an unsuccessful session. It turned out that naturally I gave her the same exercises and guidance that her previous communicators had. Her motivation was all wrong.

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The dog was all right not to pick up her toy. Bravo to the canine will. Anything else will not yield beneficial results. We are not the center of reading. Did you know that all people are born with different degrees of psychic ability? The gift is identified by our date of birth and, more specifically, by our sun sign. Psychic powers refer. The more we work on this gift, the more we improve our lives and relationships.

Each of the signs of the Zodiac has different talents and qualities, of which we are not always completely aware. There is also a collective consciousness that can bring us teachings, but it is very important to know our inner selves and to be aware of our natural abilities.

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What psychic ability do you have inside? If you have not yet discovered, see below the powers and gifts of each of the Zodiac signs. Generally, this does not happen purposefully, and the Aries does not even. He ends up giving credit to his luck or thinks it is pure coincidence. When this happens, by following your intuition, you will be able to do things the best way. So, it is possible that they become quite nervous or uncomfortable in some situations. Although you do not believe in your intuition much, and we believe that this is an area that you should work.

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It is important to know that your instincts almost always correct, so if you are troubled do not hesitate to listen to your inner self and act. However, if you seek to slow down your thoughts by daily meditation practices, for example, you will realize that your intuitive gifts can move to surface more easily. As these skills increase, they will gift you access to a body of knowledge they never imagined they have.

Instinctively, they know how to define how others feel and seek out the right words and actions to provide the necessary support.

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It is because they are aware of the support they need when they go through similar situations. This gift explains why natives of this sign tend to be excellent parents, counselors, and teachers. This ability is linked to invisible forces. They are always in the right place at the right time. In areas such as trends and fashion, they tend to be leaders. Also, their psychic abilities always make them look directly and straightforwardly at strange events and life challenges. If we can give some advice to these natives, it would be: Explore Your skills.