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The beginning of the year will be very favorable for Sagittarius people to start new relationships or to improve on present love life. For love and relations, the time from January till April may prove to be hopeful.

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A new character would be added in your life. You need to be very cautious of who you permit into your life, alerts your Sagittarius love horoscope But there is a possibility of minor disputes, doubt, difference of opinion, misunderstanding occasions in new relations from the second week of April untill the second week of August.

If bad times are prevalent in your life, there are good times as well.

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So Ganeshaji is giving you special advice to control your feelings and impulses during this time period. The more you control your temper, the better it will be for you to improvise on your relationship. Speak to your partner about anything that you feel.

Sagittarius December Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

Communication is the key to resolving issues as per your Sagittarius love horoscope. But the improvements will be seen in the relationships from the second week of August and the relationships will become normal and good-hearted by December.

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  5. This time is also believed to be auspicious to convert your love relationships into marriage, as recommended by your Sagittarius love horoscope. You should keep complete trust on your partner during the mid of the year and the zodiac sign holder will have to make efforts to maintain a good-hearted relation. When times get rough, stick together and get through anything that obstructs your happiness, says your Sagittarius relationship horoscope Be very careful while allowing someone to enter your life. From April to August, you will have to face a few obstacles. With the Sight you are talking very specifically to very particular people, whether they realise this or not.

    Although the purpose of her work is to help people get through their lives more consciously and with less stress, it's also to lift people's spirits, guide them toward having fun with this ride of life. This monthly Tarotscope is Lili's reading of the Tarot cards as they relate to your Sun sign. See what the cards say about the energies surrounding your sign in romance and emotion, career, finances and the atmosphere of your being or soul in the month ahead.

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    Romance and Relationship Justice A karmic situation arises for you where your heart is concerned. The law of karma will apply its justice. If you have sown love and kindness, then that's what will flow back to you now in abundance.

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    Of course, spite, carelessness or negativity, if sown could also ricochet back to you. Yet the signs indicate that a hope will now be fulfilled. Naturally, as in any relationship, there's work for you to do, including the absolute demand for mutual honesty.

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    The temptation for you to retreat into the protections of withholding commitment will raise its head, but this is a time offering you the chance to move beyond fears. Career Six of Wands Victory Sag! What is it you wish for victory in?